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Why Do People Want to Start Their Own Business?

Reasons to Start Your Own Business

If I could talk to the thousands and thousands of people in our country who are starting a new business this year, what would I discover? Why do they want to venture out and start their own business?

I think I would hear that people want to start a business because of the following reasons:

  • They have to try something else besides going to work for someone else because they just can’t make ends meet with our high inflation.
  • They want more freedom in their lives to do more of what they like to do.
  • They don’t like the rat race that exists in so many corporate jobs.
  • They have an entrepreneurial mentality and want to be the master of their own financial ship.
  • They are sick of fighting the daily rush hour traffic going to and coming home from work.
  • They want to follow their passion and their dreams.
  • Especially those who have factory job, they truly dislike the mundane, repetitive nature of their job and want something that is more rewarding.
  • They are disgusted with working for terrible bosses.
  • They are sick of the pollution they experience when they drive to the big city.
  • They don’t like working for someone else.
  • They are bored at work and want to be motivated doing something that they like doing.
  • They want to decide what time they go to work, what time they go home, and how many hours per day they want to work.
  • They are tired of taking orders and directives from someone else.
  • They are tied of the office politics where they work.
  • They want to learn something new and possibly something exciting.
  • They are sick of paying hundreds of dollars per month for the gas it takes to drive to and from work.
  • They want to rise or fall based on their own abilities.
  • They dislike the culture where they currently work and want to create a more positive culture in their own establishment.
  • They want a different daily challenge.
  • They are depressed and frustrated with how much time they spend driving to and from work.
  • They want to build a website for their business.

The Relationship Between a Website and a Domain Name

It is this last reason that is tied so intimately with domain names because a website cannot function online without a domain. But the reason for wanting a website goes far deeper than this. In today’s business world, many people who are starting a new business will discover that unless they have a thriving website, it is highly unlikely that they will be successful.

This last point has a great deal to do with the fact that almost half of the searches on Google are for local products and services. Indeed, due to the fact that most businesses need to cater to local clientele, getting found via local search is critically important and quite possibly the very life blood of most business enterprises. Therefore, having a website is extremely important for today’s startups and also one of the biggest justifications for registering or buying a quality local domain name.

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