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Who is the Perfect Audience for My Domain Names?

Some Definitions

Before I reveal the perfect audience for my business, I need to first define some terms.

Local domain name. A Local domain name includes a city plus a particular niche or profession. Examples include the following:


Local search. Local search means an online search for a certain product or service in a specific geographic location.  Examples include the following:

  • Boston Home Depot
  • Chicago Pizza
  • Denver Landscaping

Functional domain name. A functional domain name applies to real-world products and services that are not specifically based on location and niche/profession like local domain names are. In other words, with a functional domain name, an individual can tell what the domain name is about simply by looking at the name of the domain. Examples include the following:


My Perfect Audience

My Perfect Audience consists of the following:

  • People who understand the significance of this statement: Almost half of all searches on Google are for local products and services.
  • People who understand what a “local domain name” is and why these domain names are important for the building of a successful website and for the creation of successful local business.
  • People who understand what “local search” means and who realize the ramifications of local search in today’s business environment.
  • People who understand what a “functional domain name” is and why such domain names are important in today’s business world.
  • People who are serious about starting their own local-based business.
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