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When a Stress-Free Domain Name Leads to a Stressful Experience

My Domain Name was Anything but Stress-Free

Today, I was trying to load a domain name entitled “” onto my WordPress site. For whatever reason the “addon domain” process was telling me that “” is not a valid domain name. I double checked for trademark violations and found none. After getting the same error message for the third or fourth time, I decided to call my hosing service.

Hosting Tech Support Zeros in on the Problem

While I was on the phone with hosting tech support, I once again tried to add “” as an add-on domain and this time I was successful. The support person told me his best guess was that I had a space at the end of the domain name which triggered the error message.

How Did a “Stress-Free” Domain Name Result in so Much Stress?

By the way, the domain name entitled “” is a shortened version for stress-free “Internet of Things.” Think about this for a moment. I was working on a domain name with the words “stress-free” in it and in trying to add this domain name to my site, ironically, I was experiencing anything but a lack of stress.

The Rigid World of Computers

Does anyone else besides me think that the computer world is about the most rigid, frustrating niche into which a person can venture?  Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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