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The Same Business That Buys Two Similar Local Domain Names

Singular and Plural Local Domain Names

A local domain name like in the singular form certainly can be a good domain name for an architect in Joliet who is a sole proprietorship or a single member LLC. Similarly, a local domain like in the plural can also be a great domain name for group of architects in the same company.

Why Not Buy the Singular and Plural Forms of the Same Local Domain Name?

Or, both the singular and the plural versions of the same domain name can be purchased by the same business or person. Why would someone do this? Because both the singular and the plural versions of the domain name are tailored for local searches by residents in Joliet who search for the following keyword phrases when they are looking for an architect or for a group of architects:

  • architect in Joliet
  • Joliet architect
  • architects in Joliet
  • Joliet architects

Purchasing More Than One Local Domain Name By the Same Person

In short, from a local search and from a search engine optimization perspective, it can make a lot of sense for an architect in Joliet to buy both AND in order to substantially increase leads, inquiries, and new clients.

What say you?

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