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Why People Start Their Own Business Revisited

The Rest of the Story Yesterday, I posted why so many people in our country start their own business venture. Today, I would like to […]

A Fast Response to a Thorny Issue

A Hard Fall Yesterday evening, I went to my kitchen to get a glass of water from my water filtration system. After drinking the water […]

Two Different Kinds of Screwups

How Can Someone Screwup a Salad? This evening for dinner I decided to have a salad. So, I cut up several vegetables, added some cooked […]

You Know You’re on the Path to Success When…

A Curiosity Headline The above headline is a good curiosity headline for any small business. However, let me provide a few decent “answers” in the […]

The Availability of Local Domains

What is a Local Domain Name? To my way of seeing things, a local domain name includes the location + the profession or niche in […]