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A Few Eye-Opening Local Search Statistics

Local Searches on Google In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the fact that nearly half of all searches on Google are for local information such as […]

Who is the Perfect Audience for My Domain Names?

Some Definitions Before I reveal the perfect audience for my business, I need to first define some terms. Local domain name. A Local domain name […]

New Business Owners Need to Hear This

You Have the Drive to Succeed I get it. You work hard and you truly want your business to succeed. However, did you know that […]

Why Do People Want to Start Their Own Business?

Reasons to Start Your Own Business If I could talk to the thousands and thousands of people in our country who are starting a new […]

Two Different Kinds of Screwups

How Can Someone Screwup a Salad? This evening for dinner I decided to have a salad. So, I cut up several vegetables, added some cooked […]

When Using Your Last Name for Your Business May Not be Local Search Friendly

A Pattern with Doctors and Attorneys Why do so many doctors and lawyers use their last name for their private practice and for the name […]

A Choice Between Two Domain Names

A Domain Name Scenario A local business person named Pete Doakes is a doctor in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Doakes is thinking about getting a domain […]