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Do I Go the Organic Traffic Route or the Paid Ads Route?

The Right Traffic

When trying to figure out the best way to bring the “right” traffic to my website, Quality Domains USA, I have two choices. First, I can take the organic path. Or second, I can travel along the paid advertising, paid traffic route.

If my website was associated with a local store or storefront, I would clearly go the organic traffic route. Since, however, this is not the case, I think I’m going to give the paid ads approach on Facebooks a shot.

Is It Possible to Master Both Options?

Having said this, eventually, I think that I will try to master both paths. Why. Because organic traffic is a longer lasting endeavor. So, at first, in order to get relatively fast financial success, I will use paid ads as my traffic source. Then as time goes by, however, and to zero in on a less expensive and longer-term success strategy, I will focus more on getting organic traffic.

The Bottom Line

Do I go the faster path to success which is also the more costly option or do I travel the path that is defined by a slower but a more lasting success rate; a path that is essentially free or relatively inexpensive?

At the start of my online business, perhaps the best way to approach this is to opt for short term success to get the money flow going and then focus on a longer-term strategy. And who knows, eventually I may try to master both approaches and employ both of them at the same time.

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