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Conclusion: Local Domain Formats

The Final Format for Local Domain Names 

The final format for my local domain names is: profession/niche + city. The following domain names illustrate this format:


Why Bother with This Domain Name Format?

Why would a domain investor get local domain names in this format? To be honest, it’s when the domain names in the city + profession/niche format are not available. Having said this, the profession/niche + city format is still an excellent domain name choice and a valuable asset for small business owners who want to be found via local search by their potential customers.

Conclusion: Format for Local Domain Names 

In the past few posts, the following local domain name formats have been discussed along with examples of each format

  • city + profession/niche
  • state + profession/niche
  • state abbreviation + profession/niche.
  • profession/niche + city

All four of the above listed formats for local domain names have two key components: first, they all include a specific “location” and second, they all include a “niche” or a “profession.”

Keep in mind that nearly half of all searches on the major search engines are for “local” products and services. With this in mind, it seems logical for small business owners to do the following.

First, register or purchase a local domain name. Second, hire a webmaster to build a simple and inexpensive website based on this domain name. And third, pay their webmaster to do some basic search engine optimization (SEO) so that potential customers can find the aforementioned websites when they search for local products and services.

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