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What Are Functional Domain Names?

A Focus on Real-World Products and Services Functional domain names apply to real-world products and services that are not precisely focused on the location and […]

Who is the Perfect Audience for My Domain Names?

Some Definitions Before I reveal the perfect audience for my business, I need to first define some terms. Local domain name. A Local domain name […]

The Same Business That Buys Two Similar Local Domain Names

Singular and Plural Local Domain Names A local domain name like in the singular form certainly can be a good domain name for an […]

Functional Domain Names for Robots

Robot-Related Local Domain Names We invite you to take a look at our local domain names for “robots” such as the following: […]

Attention Accountants: Take a Look at These Prices

A Local Domain Specialization: Accountants One of the local domain niches/professions in which Quality Domains USA specializes is “Accountants.” Just thought some of you small […]

Attention Architects in Mount Pleasant is Available There are 67 towns and cities in the US named Mount Pleasant. If you act now, you can have the only […]

Conclusion: Local Domain Formats

The Final Format for Local Domain Names  The final format for my local domain names is: profession/niche + city. The following domain names illustrate this […]

More Local Domain Name Formats

Two Previous Posts About Local Domains In two previous posts, I discussed “local domain names.” The first post listed local domains in the following format: […]

More Examples of Local Domains

City + Profession/Niche Local Domain Names The other day I listed some domain names in the city + profession/niche format such as the following. […]