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A Few Eye-Opening Local Search Statistics

Local Searches on Google In previous posts, I’ve mentioned the fact that nearly half of all searches on Google are for local information such as […]

What Are Functional Domain Names?

A Focus on Real-World Products and Services Functional domain names apply to real-world products and services that are not precisely focused on the location and […]

Do I Go the Organic Traffic Route or the Paid Ads Route?

The Right Traffic When trying to figure out the best way to bring the “right” traffic to my website, Quality Domains USA, I have two […]

Who is the Perfect Audience for My Domain Names?

Some Definitions Before I reveal the perfect audience for my business, I need to first define some terms. Local domain name. A Local domain name […]

New Business Owners Need to Hear This

You Have the Drive to Succeed I get it. You work hard and you truly want your business to succeed. However, did you know that […]

Why People Start Their Own Business Revisited

The Rest of the Story Yesterday, I posted why so many people in our country start their own business venture. Today, I would like to […]

Why Do People Want to Start Their Own Business?

Reasons to Start Your Own Business If I could talk to the thousands and thousands of people in our country who are starting a new […]

A Fast Response to a Thorny Issue

A Hard Fall Yesterday evening, I went to my kitchen to get a glass of water from my water filtration system. After drinking the water […]

Two Different Kinds of Screwups

How Can Someone Screwup a Salad? This evening for dinner I decided to have a salad. So, I cut up several vegetables, added some cooked […]

If You Build It Will They Come?

Baseball Fields Are Not Online Businesses The saying “if you build it, they will come” may apply to baseball fields, but does it apply to […]