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A Few Eye-Opening Local Search Statistics

Local Searches on Google

In previous posts, I have mentioned the fact that nearly half of all searches on Google are for local products and services. Think about this for a moment. There are several billion searches done on Google every day and almost half of them are for local products and services. In a word, the enormity of this statistic is very difficult to grasp.

Local Searches Convert

The other day I was reading an online article by WebFX entitled Local SEO Statistics: 35+ Stats to Prove You Need a Local SEO Strategy and I discovered another statistic that’s also quite amazing: 80% of the local searches that get to a vendor’s blog or website will result in a conversion. Talk about an incentive for large and small business owners to master local search!

When you combine the above two local search statistics, it seems to make a lot of sense for business owners, especially those who are new, to register or buy a local domain name upon which to build a business website. Why? To state the obvious: if you don’t have a website, how can you begin to reap the benefits that local search provides?

How to Get the Word Out to New Business Owners?

In my business, however, the biggest problems I have with the above two statistics is this: how does a person get the word out to new business owners about the critical importance of using local search techniques and strategies to substantially bolster one’s business? In a related manner, how does a person inform new business owners about the importance of getting a quality local domain name for their business and for their website?

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