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A Fast Response to a Thorny Issue

A Hard Fall

Yesterday evening, I went to my kitchen to get a glass of water from my water filtration system. After drinking the water and walking toward my sink, I hooked my left foot on one of the legs of my kitchen table causing me to trip and fall on my linoleum floor.

As I was falling to my right-hand side, I was very aware of the empty glass in my right hand. And before I hit the floor, I turned my right hand upward so that the glass would not hit the floor.

I fell very hard on the right side of my body but fortunately, I didn’t break any bones or suffer any injuries except a slight soreness in my right elbow. And, yes, I didn’t break the glass.

The Glass Didn’t Hit the Floor

The amazing part in all of this is that during the time I was falling, I somehow had the presence of mind to make sure that I didn’t let the glass I was carrying hit the floor and totally shatter in the process.

How This Relates to the Business World

So, what does this have to do with my domain flipping business or with any large or small business? When setting up a business of any size, there’s probably going to be some major setbacks and serious “falls.” Indeed, it seems that various stumbling blocks are inevitable, despite the best laid plans, policies, and procedures.

If there are going to be major setbacks in a business, however, perhaps the focus should be on how a person or company responds to these obstacles rather than on trying to avoid every imaginable obstruction or roadblock. And similar to my fall, at times, the responses to these setbacks need to be almost instantaneous.

What Can Be Done NOW?

Even in these very brief moments, however, there’s usually a small window of time in which an individual can ask “what can I do NOW to best deal with this problem?” And if the person or company is fortunate enough to have several minutes, hours, or days to figure out how to best solve their thorny issues, so much the better. If, however, the response time to a key obstacle is extremely short, the main thing to immediately ask is this: “what can be done NOW to best deal with this problem?”

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