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A Choice Between Two Domain Names

A Domain Name Scenario

A local business person named Pete Doakes is a doctor in Bloomington, Indiana. Dr. Doakes is thinking about getting a domain name so he can get a website built for his new private practice.

Keyword Phrases

Dr. Doakes is interested in getting found on page one in the major search engines when people in Bloomington do a local search for the following keyword phrases:

  • doctors in Bloomington
  • Bloomington doctors
  • physicians in Bloomington
  • Bloomington physicians
  • doctor in Bloomington
  • Bloomington doctor
  • physician in Bloomington
  • Bloomington physician

Which Domain Name Should be Selected?

Here are Dr. Doakes’ two domain name choices:


Question. From a strictly “local search” perspective, which domain name should Dr. Doakes choose?

My answer will be posted tomorrow.

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